H.Oonishi Memorial Joint Replacement Institute

 I arrived at my post as a chairman at H. Oonishi Memorial Joint Replacement Institute in TOMINAGA Hospital since 2001.

 The reason why I had an opportunity to get in this field was that my mother had suffered from hip joint disease with severe pain. It was just half a year before my graduation of high school that I decided to enter the university to become a hip surgeon. I entered Osaka City University Medical School, and after graduation, I studied in the department of orthopaedic surgery in Osaka City University hopefully since 1963.

 However, at that time we had no excellent effective treatment except for osteotomy, resection of femoral head and arthrodesis to even very severe cases with severe destruction and pain. In addition, I was driven to despair to see that not only the most patients could not come back to the ordinary life as the hip pain was not relieved after surgery, but also there was no few case getting worse after surgery.

 In medical field in France, unique ideas had been created occasionally. Consequently, I decided to go France to study how to produce the unique ideas in order to fine the excellent treatment of the hip joint disease.

 I had a chance to participate the SICOT meeting (International Congress of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology) which was held in Paris, when I went to France in 1968. Three year clinical results of total hip arthroplasty were presented by Doctor Charnley in England, who originated total hip arthroplasty, and Doctor Muller in Switzerland at the symposium on hip surgery in SICOT meeting.

 When I heard their presentations, I was surprised very much and the scales dropped from my eyes, and I was convinced that this was a revolutionary treatment in hip joint diseases. I was convinced that the researches of biomechanics and biomaterials were indispensable in order to improve this total joint prosthesis and more over to create a more superior prosthesis. While I had stayed in France for two years, I could have chances to visit several hospitals and institutes of biomaterials and biomechanics in Europe.

 After my return to Japan, we organized a research group with engineers, scientists and biologists to study the basic science on the total joint prostheses. Thus I devoted myself all my energies to clinical and basic studies of total joint prostheses up to the present. I have been concentrating my passions and energies on these works, and I have been devoting my life to give the best treatments to the patients by the best materials, the best techniques and the best ways.

 The fruit of clinical and basic studies on our total joint prostheses for these 34 years is thanks to many public and government institutes, many enterprises, and many universities in the medical, dental, biological and scientific field in both Japan and the world. I can never thank enough these organizations.

 At the end I would like to thank president and chairman Shinsuke TOMINAGA, M.D. Ph.D. in TOMINAGA Hospital who constructed Hironobu Oonishi Memorial Joint Replacement Institute in TOMINAGA HOSPITAL by his favor with worm heart after my retirement of Osaka Minami National Hospital.

 In reward for his favor, I wish to make greater efforts to expand our clinical and basic studies, and contribute medical treatment in Japan.


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